Our story:

Being members of our local Gem & Mineral Club, we started collecting natural stones a few years ago and now have equipment to slice, trim and polish stones. Along with lapidary, gem carving, wire-wrapping, silver soldering and silver casting interests, we became students of lampworking glass bead-making with the help of our friend, Jelveh, and built a studio with capacity of 10 Nortel Minor & Mega torches fueled by oxygen and propane and a ventilation system that will clear the air of fumes in 5 seconds.

Our mission is to provide a comfortable & safe environment to learn from experienced instructors various skills applicable to many types of jewelry arts.

As part of our lampworking learning adventures, we discovered needs for specific tools that help all lampworkers with their beads and hence our lampworking tool line!

We are also the creators of popular lampworking tools. Our tools started with the Hold-Me Tight glass rod holder and since then we've produced a number of other lampworking tools.

You can contact us by:

Email: grace @ gracefulcustoms.com (remove extra spaces)
Web: www.GracefulCustoms.com
Phone: 408-848-5598 (USA)

Blog: gracefulstudios.blogspot.com


Shipping Information:

We strive to ship within 3 business days, but can take as long as 7-10 days. Delivery varies on destination. US orders usually arrive within 5 days of shipping. International orders contact us for delivery estimates.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies: Our refund policy is simple: Your satisfaction with our tools is paramount. Contact us so we can resolve any issues, and if you're still not happy get a refund on our tools.