Poke-N-Dot Set

Poke-N-Dot Set
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 Poke-N-Dot Set Poke-N-Dot Set TipPoke-N-Dot Set

Note:  This item is for our Poke-N-Dot set (both large and small). You can find our SMALL Poke-N-Dot here, or our LARGE Poke-N-Dot here.

Our Poke-N-Dot tool is a simple utility tool used for making dimples in a bead, then using the other hollow end to shape a "drop" of glass. The two sizes allow for a deeper, thinner poke (Small Poke-N-Dot) or a wider shallow poke (Large Poke-N-Dot). The internal tapered ends makes a totally new type of dot, you will be amazed at the new effect, we are still discovering different effects using layered dots!

Made from solid stainless steel rod each Poke-N-Dot has a tapered point at one end and a tapered hollow on the other end. The finish is a smooth satin and the center handle is rubberized to provide grip. Our Poke-N-Dots come in large and small sizes, or can be purchased as a set.

Think of how frustrating applying the eyes to your animal beads can be.  Keeping the dome shapes consistent can be tough!  You'll be prepared the next time you need a dimple in your bead immediately followed by a tool to help shape and place the glass.

Small Poke-N-Dot
Made from 3/16th stainless rod (about 4.76mm thick) with about a one-half inch gradually tapered point.  Matching hollow on the other end.   About 9 inches long.

Large Poke-N-Dot
Made from 1/4 inch stainless rod (about 6.35mm thick) with about a 1/4 inch 120 degree point.  Matching hollow on the other end.  About 9 inches long.

Here's some example beads that were "decorated" with our new Poke-N-Dot tool!