Masher: Pinch-Me-Right (TM)

Masher: Pinch-Me-Right (TM)
Item# masher_pinchmeright

Product Description

How's your aim? Here is a tool that will steady your aim and guide you to make a perfect hole in your glass bead, from the front and back simultaneously, exactly where you aimed! No need to use a single straight tool to poke a hole only from the front, having to lay the bead on a surface! This tool has a handle with the same balanced springy mechanism as our other tools that you probably already have at least one of! The pinching tips are solid brass, cone-shaped, perfectly tapered to .040 inches at the tips that both meet precisely together.

You only have to pinch the handle together through the hot glass until you feel the points meet. There will only be a thin layer of glass left that can be quickly pushed out with your dremel stylus when the bead is out of the kiln. Do not overheat the area where the hole has been made as you will re-melt the hole closed. You can work the hole while hot, with the tool, to make the hole bigger. You can also make the hole larger using your dremel, drilling under water to keep the bead cool, after it comes out of the kiln. If you cannot easily poke through the hole after the bead is cooled, use a diamond bit to drill through it, as the stylus most lampworkers have do not have a bit that is meant for drilling.

We suggest that you move the bead out of the flame, allow the spot to be pinched to cool slightly (not in the molton state), squeeze the handle gently until the points meet, then release quickly. Keep this and other tools out of the flame. The beads shown were made with a large "dot" on the side of the bead, then pinched! In order to keep the correct alignment of the cones, do not apply excessive closing pressure, only close until the tips touch, easily felt, as that may force the cones to move sideway, along each other's sides and lose their perfect alignment.

Changed your mind? Just re-melt the spot and pinch again!

Made of stainless steel the Pinch-Me-Right (TM) is about 6inces long and weighs about 5oz. Fully spread, the opening between the tips is about 30mm.